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November 17 2010

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'Palm Top Theater' is a simple device which adds 3D depth to your iPhone screen through a simple 3 mirror layer and some clever animation on screen.
Tags: iphone

November 15 2010

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SKATEISTAN - To live and skate in Kabul directed by Orlando von Einsiedel, is a nicely put together short, under the Deisel New Voices and Dazed short film Arts & Culture platform launched two years ago.
Tags: film

November 09 2010

Have you seen this Cat?
Tags: photography
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Fashhion Show photo by Mario Testino
Tags: photography

November 08 2010

Another slow motion test using Twixtor on After Effects. Shot by Oton Bačar
Tags: film
JR, the street artist famous for his work in the favela in Brazil, Paris and other cities is the winner of the TED 2011 prize. Great to see someone like him be recognised for his amazing work which reaches people on so many levels.
Tags: street art
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Pyromaniac on Wheels. A fitting introduction to the new NeilPryde Diablo bikes.
Tags: film

November 05 2010

I Am BATMAN.. ehm... Catman....
'Shooting' a short film by 'Zarteknoepft '. Excellent take on photographers directions during a shoot. on Vimeo
Tags: film

November 04 2010


November 03 2010

Slow Motion test by Rickard Bengtsson. Shot on a Canon 550D, and tweaked in Twixtor. 
Tags: film
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Really nice story and illustration by Emily Carroll. Also a  very neat way to tell a story online by simply scrolling. 
Tags: illustration
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Shadow Birds by Alexei Bednij
Tags: photography
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November 02 2010

Ben Acree's Photography rises above others thanks to the intriguing stories or scenarios that your mind travels to upon seeing that one single moment in time. Hope to see more of his work soon.
Tags: photography
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November 01 2010

John F. Kennedy and some other great people shot by Arnold Newman
Tags: photography
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MORAD BOUCHAKOUR PHOTOGRAPHY, some amazing images here, like this one of this crazy chihuahua. Make sure to check out the rest of Morad's work. 
Tags: photography

October 24 2010

Kanye West's Film debut 'Runaway' was presented last night at Bafta in London. Love it or hate it, there are some very interesting moments and I do admire the man for going well out of his comfort zone. 

At 35 mins, its an interesting film with music and direction by Kanye himself. I can't get over some of the shots with him portraying himself in such a godly manner...  Might need to watch it again to make my mind up, but it's definitely something we're all going to be talking about for a while. 
Tags: short film
Best random Cat photo - Cat Biting a Piano
Tags: photography
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